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The Month of May, Mother's month, brought these amazing new understandings on Transformation.

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O Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary, may the universal Reign of Your Two Hearts be this year and usher in the Reign of our Father's Divine Paternal Heart!

Come & deliver Your Children Who long for You, and increase our ardor, and make us to dwell IN You & With You, so that we dwell in Your Spiritual Kingdom and are not deceived by the present illusions of "reality."


What is it?

Father has invited us to "experience, absorb & offer" all we feel as transformers, and as we do, then entrust, surrender it up to Him, by really letting it go.


What is it's purpose?

He says that it is now too late to save & restore the damage done to creation, "even as His instruments" as it is too far gone at this point. (Though He still encourages us to make all decisions out of love the best that we can.)  But what we can do is give it to Him & He will "transform" it into Good for the benefit of

everyone.  Only an act of God's Divine Intervention (specific universal act of God's Transformation in time) will save mankind from the total self-destruction at hand and God will do it.  God is beginning this process now, individually through us.  So the more transformers, the more accelerated will God overthrow the culture of death and usher in the New Springtime of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart & the promised Era of Peace before the prophesied universal Act of Transformation of God.


Can anyone be one?

Anyone who has left some control over their will can do it as it requires an act of the will to give it.  It helps greatly, though not necessary in the absolute sense, if a person already possesses God's Presence within them because it assists the person to be anchored in God, and not be swept away by the current of what they are experiencing.  This is why it is encouraged to make the Consecration to God the Father beforehand... perhaps Total Consecration to Mary too.  


How is it different from co-redemption?

Co-redeeming (co-suffering with compassion), in it's true essence, is a merciful imposition of the Holy Spirit upon a soul He finds willing, of an experienced sharing of God's own sufferings in order that He would save souls through our expiation in their place. It also can include deliberate willed sacrifices to console God and even relieve Him from His suffering.  One takes the place of the sinner, as a mini victim, in Jesus, and His forgiveness and mercy is obtained for sinners.

Transforming has the same purpose and effects as Co-redeeming, and is also an act of the Holy Spirit, but the soul doing it is not a victim for sinners, in either her intention or God's.  The only thing required is that she gives all she experiences to God.  It is not required that she focuses or identifies with what she is expiating, quite the contrary, it is encouraged that she not focus on or identify with it.


Note: In order to not identify with the experiences one is suffering, it may be necessary that one has a certain level of maturity and sense of self in order to be a transformer for this reason so that they can separate what they experience from "who" they are so they can retain what is good but not get stuck in what is "other" or illusion.  

It also can help one who struggles with connecting with their self to learn how to not identify with all they suffer but learn and grow in trusting it to God as they experience His transforming power over their lives, souls and the lives of others.  God still wants us to grow in self-knowledge and relating with Him through our pains and joys.  He wants us to ask the Holy Spirit for personal understanding and wisdom and He will give it to us that we would grow in authentic self-knowledge and transforming assists this process because as we really let things go and entrust them to Him, what is authentic and of God can remain and what is not can then go (even if we continue to feel it, surrender will not allow it to actually be attached to our wills.)


People are leaving and secularizing, in their hearts and literally,  the Catholic Church and any religion that they feel pressured with expectations on them by the droves.  God the Father is acknowledging many of our real limitations and is saying to us that He accepts us where we are at and He loves us beyond our comprehension exactly in the state we find ourselves in. And that if we knew this, we could accept ourselves in truth as well and then be healed, for their is no condemnation in the Lord, Jesus tells us, that He is here to save and not condemn.  

God the Father, as a good Parent would, is giving us a way of spirituality and being that draws us into the very Heart of Love where our focus is not on our efforts for holiness and saving or His sufferings or sacrifices and sufferings in general.  


A way of a small dependent child who trust that Daddy is Bigger and He will take care of it all... I'm free to go and play, or tend to some duty or be sick and tend to my health etc.  No more living in our thoughts or acts or feelings about "what am I supposed to do ?" How can I be pure, holy and safe " or "what does it all mean and why, why, why ?"...  

A child of God has the right to have time and freedom to just Be & Love.  To be isolated and  and able to grow in his/her own development organically and naturally.  To be taken out of war and devastation and be safe within his parents loving shield and protection to be nurtured and sustained.  This singular grace of transformation (& Holy Octave of Consecration to God the Father) is giving that back to His children, His Church, right now,  for all of us... ALL.  

It teaches us how to feel pain, as the pain is yet unavoidable, but not be imprisoned, crushed or paralyzed by it, until His return soon when He overthrows sin and evil and brings us safely into the Era of Peace.

P.S.  references will be added as soon as possible from Seeing With the Eyes of the Soul messages from God the Father to Barbara Centilli.

Coming soon:  a second and more in depth look at Transformation.