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How to Help

As St. Louis Marie de Montfort says in his treatise True Devotion to Mary, being consecrated to Mary means to do all things in, for, with, and through Mary.  And since Our Lady's purpose in founding this movement is foremost to live and spread this devotion, it is in this spirit that we make our plea to all those that love Jesus and Mary and want total consecration to reach all souls to assist in our cause.



If you want to help

Our primary need is first of all spiritual in nature, because as St. Thomas says "grace perfects nature."  So pray for us, offer us to Our Lady in your consecration.  Those of you who are consecrated to Our Lady, be faithful in your self-gift, hold nothing back from Her, after all, She held nothing back for your sake, during Our Lord's passion, death and resurrection.  Those of you who aren't, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeking out this most authentic path of living out devotion to Mary.

The more people that are consecrated to Mary, the more people who love God, and love Him more perfectly because we love Him more like Her.


Secondarily, you can help Our Lady's cause by helping us live our life and and in this way assisting us with our mission of spreading total consecration.  We depend on donations since we do not make and sell products for our income, since that is our rule of poverty.  And we are truly poor.  We even made and upkeep the web site ourselves through software we received free when we purchased the site.  If you would like to become a benefactor or make a donation, this information is on the Contact Info page.  May God reward you for your generosity in this life and the next.   We are nonprofit tax exempt, so your donations are tax deductible.

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