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Devotions of Charism


This page has some  prayers that are in keeping with the spirit of the Charism of Total  Consecration. 

This is a chant hymn that is to be sung as a verse and response. Of course it can be prayed without it.

V: Mother Mary free us from our sins
R:  fill us with Your virtue

V: Grant to us God's mercy
R:  restore to us our innocence

V: Preserve in us our dignity
R:  cast out the accuser

V: Bring to us the Holy Ghost
R:  pour on us His Holy gifts

V: All I am and all I have
R:  I offer now and always

V: All thou art by God's mercy
R:  I take for my very own

V: God's arm of salvation
R:  guard all that we have recieved

V: Mould of God and all the saints
R:  make us one among them




A hymn to Our Lady

Sweet Mother Mary, pray for me
Look down upon my lowliness
Despise not my petition
And cast not away Thy spirit

Sweet Mother Mary, dwell in me
Restore to me a pure heart
Fill unto me Thy virtues
And make me a good slave of love

This is a chaplet that can be  prayed on a decade of the rosary.  It was inspired by St. Louis  DeMontfort’s writing about Our Lady’s 10 principle virtues and his short form of renewal of our consecration to Her. 

Consecration Chaplet of Our Lady

Our Father..

Hail Mary...

In honor of Her __________,

I am all Thine and all I have is Thine, My Jesus, through Mary, Thy Holy Mother.

1.   Profound Humility
2.   Lively Faith
3.   Blind Obedience
4.   Continual Mental Prayer
5.   Mortification in All  Things
6.   Ardent Charity
7.   Heroic Patience
8.   Angelic  Sweetness
9.   Divine Wisdom
10. Divine Purity


St Louis tells us that we can renew our consecration whenever we want by saying the short form,I am all Thine and all I have is Thine, My Jesus, through Mary, Thy Holy Mother.”  I have found that it is a good prayer to say during the elevation of both species during the consecration at mass.  Since Jesus is truly present and it is a moment of adoration, it has always seemed a perfect time for renewing my consecration.

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