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The Charism


Total Consecration



The Charism of this movement is Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.  Our sole Apostolate is to spread Total Consecration.  The fruitfulness of an apostolate is the interior life of its members.  Therefore, our primary concern is necessarily the living out of our Charism in the daily, moment to moment struggle to offer ourselves as a total self gift to the heart of Jesus, by giving all that we are and have, to She who is the co-redemptrix, mediatrix and advocate, and who can do nothing but offer us to Her Son.   

It is by consecration to Our Lady that She means to fulfill the prophecy of Genesis and crush the head of the serpent and bring us into the era of peace that She foretold at Fatima, and is stated in the book of Revelation and explained in the Catechism.  The goal is a simple one; if each and every person gives themselves in total abandonment to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and persevere in it, She will conform them most perfectly to Her Son and they will become most perfectly united to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  They will then indeed be true sons and daughters of the Father.  If all souls are perfectly united to Jesus, then they have all become saints, and there is no more sin in the world and we have an era of peace the world has never known before. 

Uniqueness of Charism

Total consecration is a unique Charism.  Living our consecration is the principle way of spreading it, and spreading it is our sole apostolate.  Our total self-gift enables Our Lady to obtain the grace of others offering themselves totally.  It is a spiritual work of mercy.  Teaching others the way of Total Consecration is a corporal work of mercy. Religious institutes have been founded on either spiritual or corporal works of mercy since the beginning of the Church, filling the needs of the Church.  As the mystical body of Christ, the state of grace of one member effects the state of the Church as a whole.  We strive, by seeking personal sanctification by means of Total Consecration, so to speak, to lift up the whole body of Christ and immerse it in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by offering it to the Immaculata, knowing that She can only make of her (the Church) an offering united to Her own Immaculate Heart, that same offering She made at Calvary.  In this way, as well as apostolic works, we seek to evangelize Total Consecration to the whole Church, to prepare the bride of Christ to welcome her Bridegroom for the great wedding feast of the Lamb.

Fills a Need in the Church

The Church needs more authentic evangelization, by means of the pure contemplative life and the contemplative/active life.  She needs more religious communities pledging their absolute fidelity to the pope and the teaching magisterium of the Church.  She needs more instruction on true devotion to Mary.   She needs her people to properly understand Total Consecration.  She needs the faithful to give themselves generously as a total self-gift to the One who created them for Himself.  We intend to fill this need.

 Guiding Principle of a Founding

It is understandable that most people have no personal knowledge of a founding, and so I shall state a few points here which are further expounded upon in the "Regarding New Movements" section.  A Bishop can erect a new Religious Institute himself, and then he himself is the founder.  But we are speaking here of a founding that is the Holy Spirit's initiative among the faithful.  The guiding principle for the preparatory stage of development of a founding, before they have ecclesial status is that they should as much as possible live the life they envision for themselves, as it is foundational to fulfilling the requirements of canon law, in order to receive official approval from the Church.  In other words we have to live the life first in order to get approval, rather than get approval first.  That may seem backwards, but the Church wants to be able to watch a community grow organically to test its fruits instead of simply signing off on a good idea that seems to  work on paper. 

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